Today we looked at the overview and the structure of the course. We also were questioned on what reflection means to us. At first I thought this was a simple question, to analyse or summarise something that you study. However, looking into this on a deeper level, it could have many meanings.

It could be looking into a mirror, or on a conceptual level, you would need to go deeper. From not thinking this way, or pushing myself to investigate my own practice in this way for some time, it was hard to bring back the memories of looking at things from a deeper level. It will be interesting to go further and really develop a stronger point of view. Through reflection it does allow you to have your own view point and by using this as a tool, with writing, it allows you track why you felt like this, or why you expressed yourself in this way. The blog will be a way to develop a stronger opinion, and not just rely on the visual to speak for the concept created.

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