David Hockney

One of the artists that I have looked at a lot in my Bachelor Degree was David Hockney.

I studied Fine Art, Printmaking from 2004 Р2007  and I thought the way he draws and paints was so inspiring. The way he draws really translates well into printmaking, in my early work I look at his line work to be able to develop my etching style by the way he draws line. Later, I really appreciated his large scale works, I remember when I went to the Getty Centre in LA and just was so impressed with the colours used. I find it fasinating that the colour he uses in his paintings reflect where he lives, from his brighly coloured paintings in LA to his green leafy landscapes of Yorkshire.

My fascination with Hockney now is how he has moved into the digital. To be such a master painter and still have the desire to push his practice further.

I went to see his recent exhibition at the Tate Britain and in the last room, the digital work of the t

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