MA Project Proposal V1

Working title:

  • gaining insight into the history of colonisation of land rights to the aboriginal people.
  • the languages of the aboriginal people that is becoming extinct
  • how migration developed
  • now the pause on refugees, how the struggle to gain entry, the over complicated process


Aims and Objectives

  • First fleet to Australia
  • the aboriginal language and how this is nearly extinct.  250 Indigenous languages were spoken in Australia before white settlement
  • the comparison to New Zealand and how Maori language is more spoken now and look at the cultural differences
  • Dreamtime stories and the beauty in the way they reflect the world’s creation
  • iconic Australian poem ‘My Country’ by Dorothea Mckellar.
  • The way it describes the landscape of Australia, ‘I love a sunburnt country’
  • emigration to Australia from around the world
  • the now struggle that refugees have to immigrate to Australia and the over complicated process around the world


Vision of practice

  • drawing will be the main focus
  • moving these drawings into a short animation. Experimenting with Final Cut Pro or editing soft ware
  • the historical reference points will be used to create imaginative drawings and abstract images exploring the effects of colonialism on culture and reflect on the refugee crisis currently
  • the studio exploration will allow myself to take some of these key subject matters and somehow simplify a journey over the time
  • the final outcome will only be resolved after extensive exploartion
  • as my practice is currently painting. I would like to continue this by running this parrallel to the experiments of moving image pieces and drawings
  • mark making will be a strong focus throughout the experimentation process



  • inspired by William Kentridge
  • Aboriginal Art / aboriginal artists
  • Colonial painters
  • Contemporary artists that look at colonalism
  • Postcolonial Art
  • ‘Postcolonial art refers to art produced in response to the aftermath of colonial rule, frequently addressing issues of national and cultural identity, race and ethnicity’


Continues research and working on my MA proposal with visual and research.


animation / painting / drawing


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