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Image result for Bennelong photograph

First Australians – They Have Come To Stay – Episode 1

  • Bennelong was taken by the settlers to learn about aboriginal culture
  • Bennelong had a special relationship with¬†Governor Arthur Phillip
  • He was first aboriginal to cross between both cultures
  • Where the opera house stands is where Phillip built him a hut
  • Bennelong did visit the UK


The episode on First Australians was very insightful. I feel that growing up in Australia and learning about the history, in school, didn’t touch in great detail on the negative impacts of the development of the settlers, to the aboriginal people and their culture.

The aboriginal people had been there for 40,000 years and where 250 languages were spoken. To now be a place where their culture has been pushed away from them. It is just very sad to watch this and see how Australia developed into the country it is today.


To see the languages are becoming extinct, that even in 1990 more languages were still around, and to have this decline is a huge impact to the aboriginal culture. The stolen generation, really has had an impact. Not allowing the aboriginal people to grow up speaking their languages has resulted in the decline of the different languages. In the below video was really interesting to see how language is trying to be saved in local communities


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