It was interesting to listen to how David Cross views his practice in terms of practical reasons. It is difficult as art student trying to figure out the different ways to make money. I haven’t been lucky yet to make money from my artwork. A small part of me doesn’t believe I will. I think of my practice to work I would need two paths running parallel to each other, my art practice and then a way to make money that somehow doesn’t take away from my art practice but can complement whether this is through design or lately I’ve looked at art therapy.

The passion David Cross has for his practice by believing in the idea of trying to stop fossil fuel is really great. Working collaboratively is needed, it needs more people to be supportive of the idea to stop fossil fuel. To be able to push the boundaries by bringing in the coal to the art gallery space and turning off the lights. Questioning the need for power all the time. Also, to learn about how much coal and energy is lost and not even converted into energy.

In my art practice I would like to focus on initially the housing crisis. I have been painting empty buildings and deconstructed buildings. However, I don’t believe this is the question I want to absorb myself with for two years. Over the Christmas break, I wanted to go to a refugee camp to help and look a this as a potential ┬átheme. There is just something pulling my back from this. I think being true to myself I would really like to explore the idea of ownership, land rights. I struggle living away from Australia with the history of the country that it was built upon a settled land of Aboriginals. When growing up, I understood that this land was occupied by aboriginals but I didn’t really question the first settlement and the notion of discovering ‘Australia’.

I’m not sure if this is something that was discussed in school much. However, as I have got older, it really sits with me. It was an important time in Australia when the prime minister, said, ‘Sorry’.


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