Art in motion

I would like to create abstract moving image. I have started to research artist that have an asthetic for abstract shapes.

I would like to experiment with ink drawings and develop skills in After Effects.

I have started to sketch an area in Canada Water. I have created ink drawings and brought these images into After Effects. I have played around with more technical aspects of creating layers, time and opacity. I would like to explore the positional tool more, to fully understand how moving image can change the feeling of a piece by moving a simple shape.

I am inspired by Jules Engel’s ‘Train landscape’. I was very impressed how using different shapes gave you the feeling of fast movement. The transition from black and white to colour. The circles with a background colour to a full screen horizontal shapes, then relaxing to vertical lines. Momentum is building with the use of sound and the pace of the video. I believe Engel refers to this as ‘Art in motion’

Len Lye ‘Rainbow Dance’

Is colourful and tells a story in a very abstract context. The use of figures and abstract shapes creates and energy, with it moving constantly creates a feeling of being upbeat. This is also captured with the music.


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