Mapping of art practice

At the moment I have two parallel worlds going on. I have the drawing / painting running parallel with the digital, playing around with After Effects. In terms of my own Art Practice I want to continue working this way to create some fluid links and differences. It is a way to explore further and not lose momentum.

My other parallel world running side by side is my MA proposal which raises questions around language and Australian history. On the other side is the theory behind the digital world of moving image. To be able to understand the history of artists, that have artistically moved things forward with animation. Then learning how drawing can be animated into a visual idea.

I will create a series of paintings that is reflected from my MA proposal and then create digital work from reading and learning about the history or art of moving image / animation.  I think from experimenting in this way will really highlight the issues around my initial MA proposal and allow myself to create a version two of my proposal.

I want to create a lot of experimentation and continue developments.However, it feels like there is not enough cross over.

I have simplified what I mean by this with where I presently sit and where I would like to be in the future with the diagram below:


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