Recently I visited Sokolowsko in Poland which is close to the Czech Republic boarder. My partner and I are renovating a flat in this village. Within this village is the below building:








Function of the building

  • 1855 tuberculosis sanatorium
  • After World War II – changed to the treatment of respiratory disesases
  • In recent years – a health resort
  • 2005 – a fire occurred
  • 2007 – Situ Contemporary Art Foundation

Situ Contemporary Art Foundation have restored part of the building,

‘Currently the main objective of the Foundation is rebuilding the burned down, historical Dr. Brehmer Sanatorium in Sokołowsko, and creating there the International Cultural Laboratory (Laboratory of Visual Art, along with building a contemporary art collection, Film Laboratory, Architectural Prototype Laboratory).’

The Film laboratory is inspired by Krystof Kieslowski who spent his childhood years in Sokolowsko.

For more details, please take a look at their website if you would like to read more about their festivals and exhibitions

Situ Contemporary Art Foundation also have another building, Rozanka. There are different exhibition spaces and on the top floor is Bozenna Biskupska’s studio. We were lucky enough to view the artwork on display. On the day we were in her studio, she was working on a 2m sculpture.

The artwork that I found really inspiring was when the was the abstract figure paintings and then nearly 20 years later, Bozenna was revisited the work and created an installation of the figure. Please see photos below:









This was inspiring because it made me reflect on what I could recreate from existing paintings. I would like to experiment with my painting ‘No time for Art’ by redrawing and deconstruct the image. I would then like to play around with After Effects.

No time for art

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