Deconstruct and time

As per my previous post about Sokolowsko and being inspired by┬áBozenna Biskupska approach, this has inspired myself to look further at my own painting, ‘No time for art’.

I decided to prime left over canvas and then cut into strips. There were 14 strips and 19 frames per line. I wanted to look closely at the colours used in the painting, and different elements of the tree and the text. I gave myself a time limit per strip, 3 minutes and 30 seconds. The problems that I faced:

  • the colours I needed weren’t ready, which cut into some time by stopping to squeeze the tube of paint
  • the water that I was using by the 3rd strip needed to be changed.
  • the cat wandering in at one point and getting too close…








At first it was really difficult to be able to paint so much in 3 minutes and 3o seconds. However, by half way through I felt much better prepared and time didn’t seem to be an issue. And by the end, weirdly enough I had time to spare.

The next step, I cut all the strips into individual frames. I was then lucky enough that my boyfriend was able to help me set up a faster way of the taking the photographs. By placing the iphone in a clamp, which allowed for each frame to be taken in the same position. We set up a small lamp and a white canvas to bounce the light.

I was then able to import the photos into Premiere Pro and make the below video. I do really like the clean aesthetic of the video how it moves fast, this being a representation of how time disappears in the everyday.

No time for art from Vanessa Gould on Vimeo.

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