Mid-Point Review 5 mins narrated video

Presentation – Vanessa from Vanessa Gould on Vimeo.


  • installation or performance of ink drawings (Canada Water)
  • After effects to break down paintings into layers to help on animation making
  • Robert Beer Eyewash (1959) and Harvey Smith
  • look at how William Kentridge exhibits his work for ideas
  • ‘Boards of Canada’ feel about the ink drawings
  • it is jumpy in terms of the topics
  • pull out characteristics of each brush stroke in a premiere pro video
  • artist to look at Mathieu St Pierre’s ‘Melting Ice Cream’

I really enjoyed the mid point review of getting the chance to understand different people’s artwork from a more in depth angle. Creating a video for 5 minutes really felt like a good opportunity to reflect on our practice so far and gain feedback.

Although a very intense day, I think it is extremely valuable. For me, it forced myself into looking at what work I had created and with the ideas that I was trying to express. I think the comments positive or negative, are very valid and I think I need time to think about. Sometimes, it takes awhile to understand exactly what someone means with their comment. It can be while working on future projects where you can reflect on the ideas. I found it interesting what Kat said ‘to not look at an artist’. At first, I didn’t really know what she had meant by this, and by painting more recently, I have again found my own voice within my paintings. I do however feel, that it is more difficult to step away from looking at moving image, because I don’t really feel I have found my own way of how this will work in my art practice. I do however, think it is really important to continue to experiment, to find my way of expressing my intentions with moving image. Similar, to how my paintings have developed. I would still like to develop a concept that incoporates both, but only once there is a purpose to do so.

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