Support Systems Designers in Residence

In March I went to the Design Museum, and looked at the exhibition by the Designers in residence. They also had talks all day, I went to the talk about ‘Exploring Homelessness’ by Chris Hildrey who was an architect in the residence program. It was discussing the importance of art and crafts in working with homelessness and how setting up programs can make a difference. Setting up different crafts and programs can lead to employment opportunities. This was interesting to reflect on the vulnerable areas and the individual and to understand the programs that are offered to help.

The exhibition that showcased the designers in residence used mostly technology to let the viewer interact with the piece of artwork. From visiting this  exhibition, I had realised that focussing on Australian history as my proposal for this masters course was not the direction that I wanted to take at this moment. I realised I would have to park this idea until I return to Australia where I can explore this topic more and see if I can understand from being within the same environment. I do want to continue this, but at the moment, I have decided not to. I really want to visit central Australia to work in a print making workshop, that my good friend from university managers. The workshop space is to work with the aboriginal communities mostly, to ensure that the artwork is taken care of and exhibited.

The painting in my previous post, really does make it clear for me that I would like to move into a different direction from Australian history and towards being ‘creative as possible or we will turn into robots’.

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