On Monday night I was lucky enough to see the performance Red which was set in Rothko’s studio. Rothko was played by Alfred Molina. It was great to see a theatre production discussing different ideas that are relevant today.

  • The change of movements from Cubism to Abstract Expressionism
  • Abstract expressionism to Pop Art
  • The in-depth discussions around the history of art was very insightful with Rothko’s views on Pop Art and Jackson Pollock’s artwork.
  • His struggle with convincing himself it was ok for his paintings to be on display with the four seasons
  • Intense relationship with his assistant

I went away from this performance understanding the crossover of art movements in contrast to an individual’s life, Rothko. Also, the way consumerism is still an issue today and shouldn’t be ignored.

I thought the space of an artist of where you create your work really does have a big impact of how much work you produce. Also, working the bankers hours as Rothko had pointed out in the play, was interesting and the difference between him and Pollock’s patterns of work. It allowed myself to reflect on my own art practice, that it is important to set up regular times and places to produce work. To ensure the ideas are captured and not left to one side and forgotten, but explored at the right time.

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