Adam Stiff

  • Andrew’s work is about urban spaces and the people who inhabit these spaces
  • Currently completing his PhD with RMIT
  • Abstracts spaces to understand them more
  •  Video set up to film the passes by, this was inspired by not having the ethic approval and had to work around this. He believes this adds to the project.
  • The projects take place in in Vietnam in district 4. The spaces are a HEM, an extension of their spaces
  • His work has been referred to as a visual anthropology. It is a gap between living and how people operate.
  • HEM 84 has the film blurred of people passing by in the Hem and then karaoke music playing over the top
  • is set up for the project and to share information
  • Event, Movement & Space – Tschumi 1996
  • It is referred to as DNA of the places, in time when redevelopment is a strong possibility

Listening to Adam speak it made it feel like it was such an important way he was documenting the area to have evidence of how a Hem is currently. It is like an extension of a person’s house. It makes it feel like a real cultural shame if this was to be replaced with development. In watching HEM 84, it really gave me some ideas of how to make videos in public areas and avoid the ethical part of filming people. Mostly, in my work it is more sensitive subject matters, therefore I think blurring the area would help or even changing the angle to capture a space.


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