Tutorial – Jonathan

My tutorial with Jonathan was really positive, it was great that he was supportive that I have changed topics from my original masters proposal. We discussed previous the challenges of my initial idea.

We discussed my interest in VR and AR and suggested I look at artist Chris Milk and speak with Terry.

Jonathan did give me a great idea, to use the painting as a QR code and when focussed on the painting a video would play. I think this would really be a great way to experiment and to create a connection between painting and video.

We also, had a discussion of a recent painting, and it was good to hear positive feedback around the layout and context. Jonathan was really wanting to speak further about my practice and studio time around painting. However, I tried to change the topic to video, but Jonathan really wanted to explore the time spent in the studio and the idea itself around the painting.  It was challenging to speak about the artwork, but I do understand the importance to be able to discuss ideas. I sometimes find it difficult to discuss my artwork when the idea is very fresh in my mind, however, I do think I should be a bit more open and reflective even if I only have one painting that relates to the topic. I suppose it is having confidence in the idea itself from the beginning.

Next actions:

  • Lock in a day to paint; Saturday to paint. Layout the week to be more productive with time
  • Take photographs of surrounding environment to use as inspiration for paintings
  • Start to produce videos, even if just quick videos that are 10 seconds long in final cut pro
  • Speak with Terry about VR and AR
  • Look at artist Justin Mortimer that collages different images into paintings and Chris Milk for VR and AR
  • Play around with unity
  • Write my masters approval to reflect my change in topic
  • Artist that use QR codes in their artwork practice

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