Tutorial – Gareth

It was difficult to really connect my ideas together, I think in reflecting on this I was trying too much to connect my research paper with my artwork. It has somehow not made it as an open question because I keep thinking this doesn’t relate to my artwork. However, I am in the early stages of this topic and I think I should continue to experiment more in both areas. I really would like to stop over thinking so much as this is slowing me down with writing and my own artwork.

‘If we are not creative we will turn into robots’ – this is my broad question.

Books recommended from group session:

Alone Together

The Culture Industry

Michelangelo’s Finger

The Machine Stops

The Shallows

Individual tutorial 

From the first group tutorial Gareth recommended ‘Alone Together’ Sherry Turkle, I did read parts of this book, the intro mentions the film 1984 which could be used as a discussion point. Further in parts of this book it discusses ideas around the internet, and also about using technology in front of children that this isn’t the best parenting technique. Parts of this book are interesting but mostly it isn’t really what I am looking to explore.

I discussed this with Gareth and he recommended some different books/essays to read:

  • Brave new world
  • The doors of perception

Gareth also spoke about the integration with machionary. From moving away from having a physical technical device to this being apart of you physically. And spoke about the artist, Stelarc  and the robotic arm.

The other reading Gareth suggested was One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. 

Before the tutorial I had written my initial question  ‘To explore the changing perspective of reality and virtual reality in reflecting on 1984 George Orwell novel and to gain insight into Stellarc’s creative art practice.”

We discussed this as a question and maybe just deciding if the 1984 George Orwell novel is the write direction to take.

Overall, through conversation it really became clear that I was more interested in freedom of thought and creativity used as a way to challenge. I would like to explore freedom of thought and how this is controlled and challenged by technology, and the environment around us. And how creativity does give us a voice to express and think beyond control.

Next steps:

  • put together a clear abstract
  • read essays that are more clearly linked to my interests
  • read the suggested reading material from Gareth
  • watch again, 1984 and Blade Runner
  • research different artists that can be used as case studies

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