MA Project Proposal V2

1. Working Title:

If we are not as creative as possible we will turn into robots

2. Aims and Objectives:

If there is going to be less boundaries within our own surroundings, the individual needs to break down the barriers in their minds. That their jobs aren’t going to be stolen from sharing their knowledge. Mentality from within needs to change to be able to have a society that has less class wars and human struggle.

My intention through my practice is to reflect upon the rules in place, that these rules make us have barriers, that do not allow the mind to share ideas, that stop the flow of creative expression.

Society is becoming robotic with its thoughts, the way we use technology, a mandatory duty within the day rather than being a place where great ideas can be created. To stop repeating the cycle, of the everyday routine, to stop acting like a robotic figure with no feelings towards human suffering. To step outside the world of reality TV and step into a world that creates the individual as important as those who are celebrated for being visually and aesthetically appealing.

I want to look at what it means to be human, what it means to be an individual, how we can be less robotic, how the brain works or slows down when not being used and how we are becoming a society of robots and not a society of creatives, which is definitely needed to create a place where we can all feel more human.

3. Context (Including Historical, Contemporary and Theoretical Contexts):

  • I will be researching perception: how the individual perceives an object or space to be physically. This would then relate to how we view ownership over spaces, and how we create boundaries or barriers. I will be looking into how the illusions of physical spaces or visual perception is viewed in painting. This has been explored within the 20th century with artists such as Brigit Riley
  • My practice will be very collective of everyday scenes or surrounding areas. This will then be captured through photographs / drawings / videos out in surrounding neighbourhood or where I can capture this within my everyday surroundings. This will then be altered  by either painting or creating videos, to play around with association to spaces. This will relate to more of a contemporary context, with film and photography references. My research will relate to the mid 20th century.
  • Robotic art practices – Stellarc
  • Abstract artists
  • Industrial revolution

4: Methodology:

Unit 1 - Art practice - 26.06
Research paper - breakdown - 26.06


5. Outcomes:


6. Work Plan:Unit 1 – Art practice – 26.06

Unit 1 – Art practice – 26.06



7. Bibliography:

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