Meet up with Terry

It was great to meet up with Terry, and chat about VR and AR. It made me understand the different possibilities digitally. We spoke about VR and AR but also different digital ideas for my practice. It was great how Terry was able to simplify technical processes, to explain how these could be used to create different ways of expressing ideas. Some of the different digital processes:

  • importing a figure into VR or AR
  • face scans that are available on iphone X app
  • Blippar app AR
  • William Kentridge and the process used to make his drawing animations
  • QR codes
  • Projection mapping and painting

Mapping and painting

Over the last few days, I have been thinking more about projection mapping and painting. I find this visually very exciting to watch. I like the idea of telling a story.

It made me think about the history of a building. It also made me think of regeneration and how old buildings are being pulled down for development projects to make money. Or worse, cladding being placed over buildings to prevent the building itself being to unattractive to look at. This believe of something being not attractive, has lead to loss of life at Grenfell tower. It makes me feel really sad.

I read an article recently that Brutalist architecture is under threat. I would like to go to take some photographs of the buildings at Thamesmead. I went over there recently to have a look at the Bow Arts living space and studios available. All the buildings are in the Brutalist architecture style, it acts as a back drop in the film, A Clockwork Orange.

I would like to look at the history of a building through mapping and painting. I think then the building itself would be able to be seen in a different way, that there is history, it adds a different cultural element to society. Maybe seeing this as a visual story would alter some people’s perspectives of a building that they thought of as unattractive or a building that they never looked at or thought of as having a history and a story to tell.

Blippar appĀ 

To work with my painting that I would like to exhibit, I really think the next step would be to look closer at this app suggested by Terry. I will explore this app in the next few days to see if I can make a connection to the painting to add another dimension or depth.

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