work in progress

Since my tutorial with Jonathan I have been allocating time to paint. I have been painting on a Saturday or a Sunday.

I find this a big challenge to overcome in my mind that a consistent pattern of work is needed. I know that this is really what is required to produce a larger body of work. But it is challenging, I didn’t want my practice to become like work, that it is a routine. However, after the difficult struggle of the past two weeks, I feel that there are benefits. I got really frustrated with this process, and haven’t created anything I like. I struggled with the paint, due to the hot weather, paint drys a lot faster and it is harder to scratch back into the surface. The paint I had brought is not very good, it has started to have a lot of bits inside. It looks like it is passed the point of use. So really I felt like the last few weeks I have been working with paint that isn’t really useable. I have brought better paint now. To be honest, I haven’t really moved forward but I have been painting then painting back over the top of the same canvas. I really haven’t been satisfied with the outcome.

I had a few ideas, an abstract perspective of a person at a computer screen and creating another dimensional space, however this didn’t work. It was working because it was too abstract, not in the idea but it felt like there was no clear link and it was just not saying much. It was cloudy white, which I do really like, I have closely looked at Luc Tuymans artwork but this was not connecting to my idea or nostalgia to make the viewer having any emotional connection to the painting. So I painted over it. Then I have reflected on the 3 people who died at night time on the train tracks near Loughborough Junction, they were graffiti ¬†artist, I was annoyed with how I heard a negative comment about that they were dickheads, that they shouldn’t be there. This made me upset to hear that people can see that graffiti art is not art. Also, calling them scum is horrible, in the words of Brian Cooke, I have shared the link from Morel Books twitter;

Below are some stages of the same canvas, please note the canvas is still in progress.


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