Speculative everything

Notes from Speculative everything

pg 2 – design thrives on speculation. What is speculative design?

  • imagination and open up perspectives
  • create spaces for discussion and debate about alternative ways of being
  • inspire and encourage people’s imagination to flow freely
  • a catalyst for collectively redefining our relationship to reality

Interested in?

  • using tools to better understand the present
  • design is future orientated
  • changing reality
  • Stuart Candy – 2009 Look into further cones
  • by looking at a more desirable future
  • undesirable can be eliminated
  • hyper – commercialised glossy in the 80’s – capitalism
  • Capitalism had over powered after the Berlin war (one dimensional)
  • social imagination has disappeared
  • look at Zygmunt Buuman ‘Liquid Modernity’ – a society of individuals
  • internet – friends around the world. We no longer need to care about our neighbours
  • Utopia by the individual
  • ‘Younger generation doesn’t dream. It hopes’ pg9
  • hope we will survive
  • 2008 crash financially, alternative to thinking about the current system
  • the dissatisfication explores different models bottom up democracy / social media
  • revisit our social dreams
  • possible to reconnect with the designers from the 1960’s and 70’s – begin to dream
  • not to style but of ideology and values



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