Recycling and nature

I wanted to make some paintings from still life objects. I thought that I could play around with plastic bottles and plastic items. There is now more pressure for all plastics to be recycled. In my work, which is an artwork house and sometimes we create packaging. I find myself with a lot of guilt. That this is just going to be thrown away. It also sits uneasy that in some small way I have contributed to this being in landfill.

I have set up the objects in an arrangement and used acrylic paint. I’m not overly convinced by the painting itself but I think it starts a conversation between recycling and nature. I did paint the background blue and green to represent sky and grass but the more I have looked at this painting, the more I will take some time to rework. Overall I am happy with the concept and is an interesting idea that could take great shape moving forward to the end of year show next year.

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