Justin Mortimer

Process of painting

– organises his images on his computer

– creates collages and then paint

– the way he creates a new reality

– he juxtaposes images of ballons that represent a party with more mechanical objects

– this allows you to create an imagine a new environment that is further away from the reality around us

– perception of the real, its always fascinating how an artist deals with this in the art creation process. I think this is the area of interest that pulls me into discover and think about objects and places differently

– I didn’t know too much before looking at a book on Justin Mortimer, he gives me inspiration to continue to collect things from the world around us and then push this into a new world

– the area where I feel that isn’t similar to our practice is creating the image as a collage before painting. I find something more fluid in my work by allowing myself to create the composition on the canvas. However, maybe having more of a plan would make me create more artworks at a quicker pace

– Sometimes I do feel lost, but I don’t think using the computer will solve this. I think I’m better to have physical objects in my space, whether that be physical photos or objects and some how arrange these to paint from.

– I have never been very good at collage, but painting or drawing different compositions allows myself to be more in the physical moment of the experience

– Going forward, I think I’m going to start to print of the photos rather than look at images on my computer. Then arrange this with found objects, like the plastic vs nature painting.