The Doors of Perception

Below is some quotes and some areas where I would like to look at further in my essay:

  • The Doors of Perception, by Aldous Huxley, made me think about why we abstract reality
  • ‘categories as other spatial relationship perceiving the world as other rather than categories’ pg 9
  • relationships within a pattern ‘being & meaning’
  • this made me think about my own art practice ant think about why I distort perspective
  • ‘reduced awareness’ pg 11
  • ‘How was this cleansed perception to be reconciled with human relations, with the necessary chores and duties, to say nothing of charity and practical compassion?’ pg 23
  • Clean aesthetic – how does this reflect the chaos and social issues of society?
  • ‘These voices – they’re a kind of bridge back to the human world’ pg 30



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