Small canvas painting day 2

The second day of painting I think was a bit further developed and I think the paintings are compositionally more interesting. It was more about my imagination, rather than a physical or photographic object. ‘Sun is here’ is mixture of different elements; sun, computer with sub conscious text ‘Fuck, free free’ which when looking back now, I almost feel totally removed from the words. In some way I want to say that it s questioning the toll that is taken on the individual, when using technology and the internet. However, it was just random thoughts that were flowing at the time of painting this area. The computer is sort of structured by rectangle shapes that could be considered to be a desk. It is unusual to juxtapose the desk outside with nature.

‘Dreamer’ has lines on the left hand side and these colourful lines run through all the paintings. It was a time when I accidentally had an experience with a psychedelic drugs and the space inside and out was made of lines. The best example I have seen of this is in the film Interstellar (2014) where the film takes you into a different dimension.



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