Anslem Kiefer & Doris Salcedo

Today I visited the White Cube Gallery, I wasn’t sure what was on, and was pleasantly surprised that Anslem Kiefer and Doris Salcedo both had created installations.

In the first room is Anslem Kiefer ‘For Vicente Huidobro: Life is a parachute voyage and not what you’d like to think it is’ (2018). On the wall is the quote:

‘Life is a parachute and not what you’d like to think it is’ Vicente Huidobro

The installation is 6metres tall, glass with a bicycle on the ground. The installation worked perfectly in the space. The parachute that was attached by strings to the bicycle inside the glass, it created a relationship of fragility and temporal. It was atmospheric the way you could walk around the clear glass structure.



Doris Salcedo ‘A Work in Mourning’

‘The experience of an individual is always my point of departure. But during the process of making an artwork, I must maintain a distance in order to leave that person intact, untouched. And from there, as soon as I begin working, everything enters into the paradoxical terrain of art” Doris Salcedo

This large scaled installation deals with the migrant crisis. The names of the victims is written on the stone slabs. If the victims were prior to 2010 it is written in the sand and if after the victims name is in the sand with delicate drops of water.

‘My work is about the memory of experience, which is always vanishing, not about experiences taken from life’

This is a reminder of the victims. It is also a reminder of this constant recurrence of how many lives have been lost. This is important in a society to reflect on the ongoing issue of migrants and human suffering.


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