Tate Modern – Max Beckmann

Max Beckmann, ‘Anni’ 1942 Oil paint on canvas

This painting is currently on display at Tate Modern. I have read a lot and looked at the style of Max Beckmann from books but never have I seen a painting before. It was a great surprise to see this painting on display. My life drawing teacher, Steve Cox an artist in Australia was also suggesting me to look at his work in more detail. It was something about the lines within his artwork that he thought there was a common link that I should explore more and capture the moment of this in my ink drawings. It was through this that I really enjoyed and developed my skill set in life drawing. Although, I wasn’t particularly¬†accurate with the scale and the proportion, it did allow myself to have less fear, that it doesn’t have to be an exact interpretation but a development of your own personal style.



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