Roman Vishniac Rediscovered

The exhibition gave insight into the situation in Germany and Poland before the war and the early years of World War II. Vishniac had been commissioned to take the pictures in refugee camps to document the conditions.

In Berlin in the lead up to the war, Vishniac wanted to capture the Nazi propaganda but the risks were too high and would be arrested. Therefore, he positoned his daughter in the frame to the left.

The black and white photographs although mostly tragic circumstances, the photos still allowed Vishniac to capture an interesting composition that draws you closer to learn more about the situation of the person in the picture.

My challenge when returning to Lesvos is to be sensitive around the subject matter. To continue to look at the architecture of the buildings and the island. But somehow also take pictures of the the surroundings in more detail. I plan to go back with film to continue to develop my skills in this area. However, also to then capture on my phone or digital camera to ensure no unpredictable elements, and I do at least have a back up shot if the film photograph doesn’t develop in detail.

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