how to build your portfolio

It was a really interesting session on how to build your portfolio. It was run by Satvinder Sehmbey in the Camberwell lecture theatre. We discussed the different ways to present your folio, different functions of the folio and group work to look at different artists/designers of where they could improve to be easy for the viewer and the positive aspects of the folio.

We were then formed groups. We chose an artist website and then presented the positive and negative qualities of the website. There were around 4 or 5 groups.

Different issues with websites;


  • too many clicks to the main page of website
  • the text too small
  • images not grouped together. No clear definition of the projects
  • categories not clear


  • contact page was playful
  • directly to site
  • colourful and visually appeals
  • simple and easy to navigate

The challenges that we spoke about was linking up your different backgrounds to market yourself. My issue is that I do have a design and art  background. I don’t have the work experience with design but have projected managed from initial brief to completion. It is how can you link your past work experience, study into a cohesive flow. Or market yourself in a certain way. This is the question, I still have not figured out. I did have an interesting conversation with  Satvinder, on how to link your different backgrounds. Satvinder did explain he also had the same problem with being a musician and a photographer, but has been able to develop his own identity.

Above is the guiding principles and visual identity that we were given at the end of the session. There are three headings Keywords / Themes / Values. You list key words under each heading to allow yourself to see links within your visual practice. I think this is an interesting way to find possible direction. I think from my initial thoughts I would like to continue to have social engagement dealing with reality and challenging the perspective whether this be by architecture or landscape.

I would like to follow up with the career department or Satvinder to discuss my cv and art practice in more detail. On areas I could improve, or listen to another person’s point of view. Sometimes I think you can get so involved in your own process, that is easy to overlook or miss an opportunity. Or challenge your ideas to view potential different areas.

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