Tutorial with Jonathan

We discussed my next steps in more detail and I spoke through how I would like to use photography and drawing as a way to continue daily activity for my art process. These seemed to be a realistic way to be able to build on producing higher volume of work and also allowing myself to not put so much pressure on my self about final work. We discussed the final show, in what direction or what work I would possible show and it was either a mix of printmaking, animation or painting, depending on what area was stronger closer to the time. With drawing and photography being the secondary medium to achieve my final outcomes.

It was great to speak to Jonathan about the next steps and to cement my ideas further. It is really good to speak through ideas because I find it gives more clarity around your intentions and gives more voice and meaning to the visuals and process.

There was a comparison with my proposal V3 to the direction in which it had changed now since my experience in Lesvos. Jonathan did raise the question is there anything out of my ‘last proposal V3 that can relate to my direction now?

That my proposal doesn’t really fit under the working question:

If we are not as creative as possible we will turn into robots

I did say that I do not want to make my work fit under this if it does go in a different direction. However, I do hope to visit this later, but within 6 months I think it is best to focus on what I am more interested in at this time, and that is returning to Lesvos.

The one point in my aim and objectives were it does have connection which we discussed would be the below:

question our feelings towards human suffering, rather than being robotic

On reflection now, this could be given more importance to refresh my working title of my proposal to reflect this rather than the current.


We discussed in the next two weeks I will return to Lesvos to help with the refugees. I would also take photographs on film and draw. We spoke about the restrictions of being in a situation like this, that there needs to be sensitive and realistic way to deal with the day to day situations. I will return to help with the distrubtion of food. It is more likely that the photographs will be of abandoned buildings and surrounding areas. To be sensitive around the situation and the main focus is to be there to help the refugees where possible.

We discussed after the presentation that it was more clear that my work was about human suffering, empathy and awareness

I aim to develop a sensitive approach to the artwork, whether this be making the images more abstract. I will continue to develop the photographs of abandoned buildings. Other images may be taken from the internet, and worked on due to the sensitivity needed in this sort of situation.

To add to the below next steps is to post photographs from Lesvos on my camera not just the film photographs developed.

Next steps:

  • introduction to printmaking on 4th Feb
  • visit Lesvos to continue work on refugee camps
  • take more photographs on film to increase my skillset
  • draw daily to ensure I keep up visual language
  • stretch canvas ready to paint
  • blog post on photographs from Lesvos that are on my camera or iphone

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