I wanted to now move into doing more Printmaking. I had my induction at uni with Paul and it was with the BA Painting. It wasn’t a large group, so it made it easy to follow the process. We learnt about soft ground printing on steel. I have never used steel so it was a good opportunity to explore a different material. I found out that the whites aren’t as white as using copper but it does give a great detail to etch line drawings.


  • degreased the plates
  • added soft ground to the plate
  • traced drawing onto tracing paper with the plate underneath
  • etched the line in acid
  • cleaned plate and degreased the plates again
  • filed the edges
  • prepared ink and paper, ready to print

It was really good day, Paul gave us enough time to draw and really did express the importance of taking your time with the drawing, choosing the image or thinking about what would work on the plate. The plate size was A5.

I had taken a photography at Lesvos of an abandoned building, there was something interesting about this building, the graffiti at the top of the building captured my attention. I then walked around the building, beautiful graffiti, very artistic that felt like it may of been lived in recently. There was the remains of a fire outside the building. Cats everywhere. Boats that were lined up, not looking like they had been in working order for sometime. It made reflect on the space that is available, that could be used as a functioning site for the refugees.






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