Online presentations – Kehkashan

Kehkashan’s presentation (notes from video) 

  • 3 different areas of interest; mosiac and studio / blogging about it on social media / organising humanitarian projects
  • concerned before the research paper that it was very different but by completing the research paper realised there were patterns
  • power of social media – it allows anybody to be an artist
  • freedom of collaboration, instant audience
  • research paper focussed on ‘Art in the post-truth era’
  • public art can create thought
  • mosiac of patterns in a painting, created the painting as an AR reality (viewed with mobile app artivive’
  • 44 bloggers in Karachi document the city in different ways in one day
  • in the research paper looked at Kusama – I was interested in the artwork shown








  • Could public art cut through the noise and revitalise critical thinking?
  • Do you guys believe we have entered a post truth era? Can the truth ever truly be eclipsed or irrelevant?
  • Has digmodernism, the impact of technology on art, transformed artist practices? How?
  • What is the essence of public art? Interaction, engagement, change or some other purpose entirely?
  • Is social media detrimental to artistic processes or revolutionising them?
  • What is the scope of community projects?


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