Online presentations – Justin & Steph

In today’s online session it was Justin and Steph’s presentations. Below are some notes made from this session:


  • eye over ear
  • ocularcentrism – eyes over the written world in the western world
  • acoustic world – individualistic world, one perception
  • sound represents an object
  • the sound tree is abstract from the object ‘tree’
  • senses are connected


Question set 1

1.What defines a landscape?

A natural area where humans have not developed

2. What 4 key words would you use to describe a landscape?

Beautiful, wild, oxygen, colour

3.The landscape is described as a product of human consumption, driven by capitalism, for profitability and production- What are your thoughts?

I would think landscape is an area untouched or not interfered with by touch. However, once thinking about this more, industries do take over nature or the landscape for profit.

4.“There is a shift in attitudes and behaviours towards the natural world”  What are your thoughts on this statement?

Develop more protected areas. Change the way we mass-produce and create awareness where possible.


  • man made landscape
  • manufactured environment
  • landscape is an extension of ourselves
  • changing with progress

Exploration in different areas using google maps pro

  • 2 hours in one area to create the composition and to be aesthetically pleasing
  • varied landscape – for different areas
  • glitches in google earth, decay and broken up
  • Forensic architecture – photoshop / black & white / time lapses
  • Geometric photo montage – patterns, formations, abstract – order in geometric
  • VR – terrains, taking away geographic location

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