Artwork overview


Below is a post that I thought would help when I present my work to the group in the low residency. While creating this post I really was reflecting on my art practice of how I see the direction. I feel that the everyday and the different experiences I have do impact on my work. I think the video by Luiz Zerbini really has helped me understand my process by gaining inspiration of how he constructs the composition of his paintings. I went to see this exhibition over the summer at South London Gallery, and I was really impressed by the scale and the constructed world he had created. It really has stayed with me as a point of reference. I also really love the colour and the way he is commenting on the future of a constructed world.


Earlier work – stop motion 

Deconstruct and time


Change of topic

Recycling and nature

Photographs – film 



Artists (inspiration)

Justin Mortimer









‘Creche’ (2011)

Luiz Zerbini







‘Erosao’ (2014)



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