collaboration on 35mm slide


  • projector machine was set up
  • experiment with feathers, transparence, ribbon, flowers, bubble wrap, drawing
  • group of 7 – split with first and second year students – great to meet the 1st and some 2nd year online
  • we all used one word to describe a tree, and we were to explore this with creating a slide
  • pieces directly into the projector
  • by placing pieces directly into the projector, this then allowed for people in the group to take videos
  • it was then decided for all to create slides or a video and we would import into imovie
  • working together to edit the video, playing around with length / cropping / sound
  • text was used initially, for the word we used, however we all thought this was too distracting from the actual visual
  • text was removed and to add an interesting element, each person’s work started with the clicking sound of a slide projector
  • the final outcome was challenging in that all the work was very different but I think with the clicking sound of the slide machine works. It allows for the visual to be different, and it also connects the functional element of a slide machine. It has a nostalgic feel by the sound of the slide machine but very contemporary by being in a digital format
  • the video was named ‘see’ after an artwork that has this text within the piece

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a copy of our final work. However, please see below my work in progress:

The process I enjoyed using was marker drawing directly onto clear plastic.  Once both sides of the plastic touched, the shapes made form the ink from the marker would change. I thought this was an organic process not knowing what to expect in terms of the shapes within the slides.

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