Day out of Exhibitions north and south london

Rochester Square

It was great that we visited Rochester Square on our gallery visits. It a place that I would not of found on my own unless I was looking maybe for a ceramic space. It gave me a lot of hope for the future in how a space can be looked after by artists and have more of an organic approach to the process and using the facilities.

Nina Wright spoke about her practice and how there are ceramics throwing courses that are 3 weeks. That this is a possibility for a beginner to sign up for the course. It was also interesting that they work in collaboration for different projects for commission. The last photo above is a collaboration piece that Nina is working on currently, it is with an artist that usually works with more detail. The studio is always trying to challenge the individual and for them to move outside their comfort zone. The collaboration is a great way for skills to be shared.

Annka Kultys Gallery

Our next stop was Annka Kultys Gallery where there was the exhibition by Aaron Scheen, FINAL_007 (02).

There were 7 prints within the gallery, the space is upstairs leading on a staircase from the street. The prints were abstract and bright colours. The interesting element I thought was from visiting the gallery was the discussion around digital art and what is the original, and how many copies are produced. It was more with video art, and I learnt if brought a certificate is presented to the buyer. It is not really the USB or the copy but the certificate itself that holds the value.

Arebyte Gallery

Exhibition: Re-Figure-Ground

Curated by Kelani Nichole


Alan Warburton

Amina Ross

Carla Gannis

Claudia Hart

Eva Papamargariti

La Turbo Avedon

Lorna Mills

Morehshin Allahyari


Sabrina Ratte

Snow Yunzue Fu

I was so glad we visited this exhibition at London City Island. I was really impressed by the space and the artist’s work. There were a few VR pieces that really immersed yourself into the environment of the piece.

I thought the VR pieces were a great way to interact and carry you into a different dimension. I really enjoyed PussyKrew VR piece where it is a futuristic environment. ‘We need to communicate that there are different kinds of futures’, says Ewelina Aleksandrowicz (who collaboratively works with Andrzej Wojitas).

This idea of different types of futures, is an area where I would like to look at more closely in my own work. After the group tutorial it did become clear my work was about construction and deconstruction, and time was a reoccurring theme. I would like to explore a futuristic space that looks at a new world or a world where the impacts of today have influenced the future.

Below left: Artist: Amina Ross,  ‘Daisy Chain’

Below right: VR experience; Artist: Claudia Hart, ‘The Flower Matrix’

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