Collaboration making – South Kiosk Gallery

Collaboration group: 

Mengyao Huang (Taiyo)


Betty Leung

Kat Outten

Dwa Al Khalifa

Vanessa Gould (Me)


Responding to local architecture and landscape. Explore the edgelands, the permanent and the meanwhile.

  • react to change
  • trace history
  • imagine the future
  • build fictions

Day 1

Research & Development

We spoke as a group, the best way we could all work together and suggested by Kat to use her camera that takes one shot and breaks it down into four on one photograph (lomography four lens). We would also use coloured film that is out of date. The film was 20 years old.

The photographs in the first batch below are some photos that were taken by myself and some taken by the group. Kat had access to the cinema and went inside to take these shots.

By working with the one camera it gave us a collective voice with us all taking it in turns to use the camera. Also, discussing the shot before it was taken. This is probably the first collaboration project where I felt that everyone was really working very well together. We all had a voice and we were all expressing our own opinions in a very comfortable environment.

Film Photography

Day 2

Team work and setup

On the second day we picked up the film that was developing over night. We had taken three roles on the first day. The roll that turned out the best was the one that was taken in the daylight. It had the most amount of photos that had turned out, however, we still had around ten photographs from inside.

The next step was to discuss different ideas to create an artwork that worked with the space. In the morning we did have the workshop on projection mapping and it did feel like the right time to test out the program and learn some new skills together. The plastic fruit was brought (by Kat) and was firstly placed in one box on a pillar. In the space we decided this didn’t work and wanted this to be more natural, therefore, we went and found more boxes made out of card and the wooden style.

While this was been worked on, Taiyo, Betty and Ash all worked on different videos that could be projected in the space. The photographs that were taken on the first day were made into moving image. Seperate videos of the fruit, cinema, and outside shots.

Dwa had created a painting of the cinema and printed this bigger for the installation.

Just to breakdown what we focussed on within the projections:

Projection 1: Fruit projected onto the wooden crate

Projection 2: Cinema shots projected onto the white space in the printed painting

Projection 3: Large projection above the fruit and next to the digital painting. This is of all the shots from the day exploring



Final Outcome

The final outcome of the three different projections worked well together. I think it worked well visually because we were able to collaborate well together but still be able to show one voice of our experience of Peckham.

Meet the brief:

  • React to change;
  • Trace history;
  • imagine the future;
  • build fictions;

Other collaborations – final outcome


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