Stanley Kubrich & Dystopia









Pen on paper, 2019

I was thinking a lot about the Stanley Kubrich archive after the session. I thought the futuristic qualities of his approach for inspiration was amazing. At the time I didn’t really think this would be much of an influence on my own art practice, however, some of the drawings from the archive really did stay with me. I kept thinking about the futuristic drawings that predicted changes the may or not happen in time.

While writing up my blog I have starring out the window at the flats across from LCC building. I did have a friend that lived in these flats around 5 years ago and I am familiar with the interior of this building. However, I’ve never really noticed it in such detail until sitting here for some hours. It was only then I realised that this could be an interesting viewpoint to create a futuristic society in my paintings. That it could be a dystopian future. The element that I find really interesting is the trees that are on top of the building. The natural quality of these tress not being very maintained, that they set up the environment to look at the future in a constructed and deconstructed space. I have drawn a sketch as a potential inspiration for my paintings.

I think I will return to take photographs of these buildings on my film camera and also back these up on another camera to ensure I have enough angles to work on in the paintings.

I would also like to look at this or imagine this from above to really get the feel of a futuristic constructed world, that maybe darker in time and have a dystopian feel.



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