Last day of low residency – Group tutorial exercise

Group tutorial exercise

(Group of 3)

Kat / Michelle / Vanessa (me)

Notes about the exercise: 

  • open ended questions
  • questions to help the other person with the answer
  • listen
  • honest open questions = very difficult
  • great scholar = great listener
  • 6 minutes silence (problem, challenge, choice)
  • 20 minutes of open questions
  • 3 minutes to reflect and write thoughts
  • repeat 20 minutes for the next person and then 3 minutes to reflect
  • open questions – what / why / how
  • Examples of questions: tell us about the process you have used in your work? How does it feel when you are doing this? Can you identify the core of the problem? How do you think your work needs to improve? Which artists do you look at for inspiration?

6 minute silent reflection notes: 

  • too many ideas and need to break this down to one concept
  • Lesvos, environmental issues, refugees, robotic, human suffering
  • main theme is around human suffering whether that be the environment or refugees
  • would like to combine these ideas to make paintings that include litter, things washed up on shore, different items, surrounding buildings, boats
  • worried that I am combining too much into one image and may have to simplifier my ideas
  • I would like to create an animation and paintings
  • worried about time
  • interesting from other tutorial that it was noted my work is about construction, deconstruction and time
  • I worry about time and it was suggested if I stopped this obsession with time, it may allow a lot more freedom in my work

After the 20 minutes and 3 minutes to reflect:

  • go back to Greece for 2 weeks
  • sort out ideas to consolidate
  • continue to build an animation
  • draw, print, photograph can be used for the animation

I thought this process was really interesting to learn further details about the groups artistic practice. It was also interesting to see the process of how someone reaches a certain direction of their work and outcome.

What I learnt mostly is the importance of asking an open ended question. It can allow the person to really explain and expand on their thoughts, without you giving to much of a direction or expressing your opinion. It really gives the person the chance to establish their point of view on their own artistic practice. I think it is really important to find your own voice within what you are creating, and I think this reflective process and asking open ending questions really helps.

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