Thriving and Surviving as an Artist

What they didn’t teach us in art school? (Book by Annabel Tilley and Rosalind Davis)

Rosalind Davis presented and allowed for questions and group discussion. Below are my notes from the session. 

Reflective question:

What does success look like?


  • research
  • networking
  • build relationships and word of mouth
  • promotion
  • seizing the moment / creating opportunities
  • being organised and professional
  • being present and memorable
  • being kind and polite
  • represent yourself

Ways to get your work out there 

  • open competitions
  • invitations
  • DIY gallery proposals
  • Art fair
  • Festivals
  • Site specific projects
  • commissions
  • awards

Ways to make money 

  • selling work
  • funding
  • scholarships and grants
  • awards
  • residence
  • other art jobs / part time jobs

General notes: 

  • Art quest – legal advise
  • develop your own creative practice


  • residencies –


  • private
  • public
  • authorities
  • corp sponsorship
  • crowd funding
  • awards

Representing yourself for any opportunities 

  • artist statement
  • 3 powerful words
  • make it engaging
  • tell us what it is but also why is it?
  • quantify sentences
  • read it out loud
  • spellcheck

Proposal: who, what, why, here, when, why? 

Galleries – please see screenshot 


  • it was a very interesting talk and a great to hear from Rosalind about the truth of life after art school. That there are struggles but there are also a lot of different opportunities to continue. That it is about putting the focus into your own art practice and developing a network. It is also important to research and be aware of what is going on around you. The galleries and residence programs, but also doing the research of where it would be possible to exhibit your work. To put yourself out there to be able to develop. It was an engaging discussion and presentation that it is possible to keep continuing as an artist.

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