aquatint etching

After my induction to Printmaking and playing around with soft ground. I went back into Printmaking facilities at uni to complete an aquatint etching. I thought the dark atmosphere it creates would suit the subject matter when exploring a dystopian future and the current situation in Greece.

I have prepared the plates but not yet put my plates in acid.

For inspiration I thought I would look back at Francisco Goya, Pablo Picasso and Edward Hopper.

What really draws my attention to the below selection of images is the darkness, isolation, quietness, and the combination of humans and animals.

Notes on artists

Francisco Goya

‘Tu que no puedes. (You who cannot)’

  • donkey is carried on the back of the two men
  • dark to light background – tone
  • this etching is a set of 80 prints reflecting on society at the time
  • could be the system is heavily weighing down on the men or the donkey’s on their backs could mean that they are foolish.

Pablo Picasso

‘Goat’s Skull on the Table’

  • the light has been used to be reflective on top of the skull
  • cubist style
  • colour has been used to emphasis the different forms and shapes

‘Blind Minotaur Led by Girl with Fluttering Dove’

  • bulls head on human figure
  • dove carried by small girl
  • all directional flow of moving towards the left, the figures faces are all drawn in this direction

Edward Hopper

‘Night in the Park’

  • mood, tone, light, isolation, line work
  • everyday scene of a man sitting in the paper, adds intrigue with the man sitting there in the dark. Is this the only time this person finds quietness?
  • mysterious, light to dark, shadows

‘The Lonely House’ 

  • dark to light, drypoint lines cross hatched
  • empty in the top floor
  • narrative with children – hiding / playing to the side of building
  • building looks abandoned by dark tones


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