Presentation – Janet / discussion of pop up show

Janet’s presentation


‘What relevance might this have in our world now saturated with already high-complex imagery?’

  • digital transmutation
  • new poetic possibilities
  • simplistic line drawings of the circle
  • pen and paper is universal
  • ‘circle is a gesture first, shape second’, Janet
  • suggested to work with a microscope
  • the mistakes we make can be developed into results
  • Emily Dickson was mentioned, in how she used different punctuation in her poetry. It then can create exaggerated meaning or new meaning by the layout of the words
  • layering is built up in Janet’s artwork, the layers represent the history of going back to the origin
  • Interesting contrast to look at the layered work in, ‘ Pictopiesis’
  • Poiesis means making
  • ┬ádiscussed the painting Robot, and different examples of the mechanical robots that can draw in our digital time
  • Jonathan let us know about the below robot video;


Notes from video:

  • records every brush stoke
  • repeats and it can be changed to make different patterns
  • computer images look like they are done by an artist
  • ‘mimics’ an artist
  • liberty to computers
  • computer makes brush stokes but an artist makes gestures
  • What is creativity? It can not be defined, therefore it can not be put into a computer
  • two elements a robot doesn’t have like a computer – inner world and real world to be able to imagine
  • control and loss of control is more of a human quality where a robot is more in control.
  • reflect upon what strategies are need to be an artist
  • collaboration is between the artist and the robot. It is up to the artist to find its way with the robot.

Pop up show

  • 20th March
  • 30 seconds
  • 2 screens – one has headphones / the other is silent

My initial thoughts

  • create a 30 seconds animation
  • drawings of flats near LCC building, view from LCC library window – explore dystopia

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