30 second video

Process with the photographs: (sliced images below)

In the previous post I had chosen the photos that I wanted to include in the video. From this I have used photoshop and sliced these photos into sections. For example I have posted below one photo and the amount of different slices I have made in photoshop. Each photograph has been sliced into pieces to make up the below video.

Video: (is further below)

The intention of the video was to explore a dystopian future. I don’t think it actually works. Visually I like looking at the segmented structure and the pace of the film. However, it still doesn’t show enough different angles to create a direction of my intention or push it in another direction that is interesting.

The first reason I chose this building was because of the trees on the rooftop. I thought this could be played around with to become a futuristic place or push the reality of what you can see. However, I think with just the photographs by themselves sliced, it doesn’t create the dystopian world. I think the combination of drawings would work better together. It might be able to create different perspectives that takes you away from a realistic structure. I do visually like looking at the sliced images but I will try to use drawings, sound and movement to see if this creates a reality that is not so structured and is more fluid.





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