Pop up show

The pop up show was with the Printmaking MA. It was interesting to see the diverse amount work. The two screens were in the centre of the wall on the right when you entered the room.

The different screens did make interesting compositions. As you can see below:

I think there are further actions I could complete to improve on the video:

  • add drawings that I have previously sketched
  • see if the combination of the drawings and photographs work together
  • play around with highlighting the trees on the roof, which made me think about the dystopia concept
  • use final cut pro to create movement with the trees
  • crop the tree from a painting I have created to see if this adds the element to create a dystopian landscape
  • play around with the film in black and white. This could allow the images to appear gritty and work well with the photographs and drawings.
  • play around with the trees only been green and the other elements black and white

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