Painting 1 (work in progress)


Painting 2 (work in progress) 

I have been reading Art & Fear, and the below quotes are from this book. It has been helpful in placing my artwork into perspective of the different stages and hurdles that can be faced. 

‘Making art provides uncomfortable accurate feedback about the gap that inevitably exists between what you intended to do, and what you did’ pg 4

The above quote from Art & Fear is a good reflection of my painting stages at the moment.

I’m intending to be at a certain place at this time of year, with the final exhibition approaching. I think my idea needs to be resolved, which I believe it has but not exactly at the point I want to be at. However, as in Art and Fear maybe this ‘gap’ does exist. I still think I can be closer to my objective and purpose if I clearly know my full intention and have the quantity within my folio.

The paintings are both work in progress. In saying that I’m not sure if I will rework them, but they are not at a point which I am happy to say they are finished.

The first painting is of an elephant and the building across from LCC library. The banner on the building was of an elephant. Very fitting as the location is  Elephant & Castle. I wanted to abstract the perspective to play around with the trees on the roof and this concept of dystopia. However, the way it is very pale and white in colour makes it not feel like it is at a point where it makes you feel unbalanced or question the reality of where we live. Visually I like the tree with the mix of lines. I think the green area may suit the video by creating movement.

The second painting is more abstracted in a sense because it is not a visual representation of an actual setting with figures. The building I have created from the building across form LCC but the human figures just sort of come to form with the process of painting. I was thinking about hierarchy of power, where there is one person on top of others. I painted this in more of a physical representation. The top section in yellow, I would like to paint over. I don’t think this adds any depth or contrast to the painting.

‘Art that deals with ideas is more interesting than art that deals with technique’ pg 97

In some way I think the second painting has ideas and the first has ideas but the only angle that links the art is the technique. This is why I really want to focus on making a consistent body of work that explores a subject matter in depth. Not have paintings that are connected by technique but by ideas.

I think the next step will be to connect the paintings with the video and making these fluid. I believe this would allow my intentions to become clear.

Next steps:

  • finish video with paintings and drawings
  • re-work proposal

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