Haegue Yang – Tracing Movement

8th March – 26th March at South London Gallery

The reason I was drawn to the work is the detail of theĀ intricate patterns and colours. It really made me want to know more about the concept. Once I started to read the catalogue and how it is described, ‘ongoing exploration into ideas around identity, politics and migration, alienation and difference, which she approaches not as resolved concepts but rather as lingering, interconnected thoughts.’ It made think about my own practice how patterns can generate more complex ideas.

The title itself really draws you in ‘Tracing Movement’. It made me question visually how this is possible with pattern, and how a relationship is formed that relates to migration.

This is physically shown by drawings made on a road trip, a bumpy road trip, drawing on tracing paper, ‘an abstract recording of her experience’ (as described in exhibition catalogue). This took place in a remote place in Japan while feeling carsick.

I find it interesting to understand the process of Haegue Yang. I think in my own work I have been looking at places in detail. For example, the paintings of the building across from LCC. I wanted to create a dystopian feel. I’m not sure if it is there yet, but I think hopefully with the animation it can be pushed further to understand the concept and make sense.

I would also like to explore the feelings that is felt when in a place. That the quietness or busyness can be felt through the shapes or patterns or space or abstraction. This is why I am drawn to Yang’s artwork. To be able to create a physical or 2-Dimensional artwork that represents a time. How migration can be mapped with pattern and physical form. That this can have a historical link to the past and the present.

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