Life and Art

‘Life and art once entwined, can quickly become inseparable, at age ninety Frank Lloyd Wright was still designing, Imogen Cunningham still photographing, Stravinsky still composing, Picasso still painting’, Art and Fear

Travelling to Greece I thought may initially distract from my studies and create more ideas, where I could potentially not look into a topic with depth and just touch the surface.

However, I thought it was better to take advantage of the time I have not working and return to Greece to help with different refugee organisations.

I started to think that art is life and to stay in one spot just incase it would distract, didn’t really sound like the right decision to make. I’m glad that I returned to Greece because although more ideas have been created, I think it is about structuring these ideas, and question what relates to my concept. As written in Art and Fear, ‘Life and art once entwined, can quickly become inseparable’.

The idea that life is art has really stayed in my thought process. There can be small moments or fractions of time that inspires one to create. It is important to continue to develop new perspectives and ideas with personal experiences in life.

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