Volunteering in LM village a small refugee camp based in Lechania, Greece. It was lovely to be so welcomed into the people’s homes. I was unsure what to expect but I was amazed how people who have experience such life changing events of war could remain so welcoming. Each house visit we were mostly given chai tea. While entertaining children with jewellery making, play dough, painting, colouring, board games and lego. Or with the older children we would teach English. And on a Friday there was a yoga session.

The overall experience was positive and it made me feel stronger that more could be done for faster movement for the victims of war.

The arabic language I thought sounded lovely. And I think when a culture is so open and kind it makes you feel so much more warmth towards the people. I felt sad leaving because of the connection made with the people and the idea that one person has free movement and another can not move due to where they were born is an upsetting concept.

Education was something I didn’t realise I felt so strongly about until meeting the children. The disruption of not going to school will have an impact and I think the importance to move people forward to have a stable future would be better for all. To have a stable environment to be able to learn, to be able to learn the countries language are important and should be a human right for all. This stage of waiting while going through trauma previously, must be difficult.

This is why I felt it was amazing that the people were open and greeted with such a welcoming nature.

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