Observational drawing


I thought it would be a good opportunity to also draw at the same time as taking so many photos of my time in Greece.

I think using film has made me slow down and really think about what I am capturing in the photo and if this relates to my concept or can be explored further.

To slow down even further I decided to observational draw that detail that is seen when studying a location. This was an even slower process than taken a picture. The way the light is sitting in that present moment has an impact of the tone and shade on the buildings and the surroundings.

I have realised the importance of slowing down, I think sometimes I feel really busy because I have worked myself into this state. I do think this is easier to be in this state with the progression of technology. There is less quiet moments away from technology like the internet or phone. I think to actually move forward without being overwhelmed by my surroundings or noise around is to go back to the basics of drawing. It allows myself to move forward without all the distraction. I think technology can be used in my practice once I have developed the idea in the physical space, rather than just in the digital world.

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