LCC Exhibition – Visible Justice

Finding Fanon Gaidon: Delete

Artists: David Blamdy and Larry Achiampong

HD Video

33 minutes


I went to LCC to see the exhibition, Visible Justice. As I entered the main foyer, to the left was the artwork ‘Identities in Limbo’. The artwork is a digital film with an avatar figure travelling through different landscape, following him on his journey as a refugee from Iraq to Norway.

The voice over was robotic and spoke about the different challenges faced. It was emotional journey to listen to and  think Because it was just the avatar and the landscape, it created a relationship that we were all on the journey with this individual.

“We didn’t want it to just be about our story, we wanted it to be about everyone who is at the sharp end of neoliberal politics – people at the borders or in carceration”, explains Blandy (exhibition booklet pg4)

The real life personal story of this individual and the difficulties faced, of speaking about sleeping in open graves for safety, reality made you feel the depth and cruelty that a person has experienced. He survives, searching for his dream, crossing borders and barriers.

The experience is what is faced by refugees. It really related to other stories I heard while volunteering.

It made me feel upset that just where you are born determines whether you are safe or not. That you are free to move or just be in limbo.


Nathaniel White

Photographic Installation


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