Acrylic paint and spray paint – Narcissus

This is the first painting that was resolved in the series. I firstly spent a day painting the building underneath, a disused building in the port of Lesbos. The next day I decided to experiment with spray paint, and from this act of making, was where I decided that this is the style I wanted for the series.

While painting this painting I was thinking about the story of┬áNarcissus and this is why in the first stage of this painting you can see more clearly the reflection in the water of the building. It questions or is trying to capture, why wouldn’t a building be used to house refugees or people in need? Is it too beautiful to be used for a purpose to help or is it just nice to look at?

I think the atmospheric softness of the spray paint, makes this building hidden, that it could be used, but it is unable to be seen to change its purpose.

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