tutorial with Jonathan

After the tutorial with Jonathan I felt more confident that it is possible to resolve my artwork in time for the exhibition. It also allowed myself to speak about my artwork and the process that I have used to develop a body of work.

I explained the process that I has got me to this point by the below;

  • volunteering in a refugee camp four hours from Greece with Syrian refugees
  • documenting my travels from Athens, Kyllini, refugee camp and Lesvos
  • document the nature that surrounds the areas of the refugee camps and the places I have visited
  • take in the experience of being in someones home and being welcomed with Syrian tea

Art process used:

  • take shots of film with colour and black and white film
  • observational draw areas of interest. It was an area, in particular around ‘no borders’ building that I really wanted to research in more depth. To slow down and understand the structure and understand in more depth why it kept drawing my attention from my first trip to Lesvos

Art process in the studio:

  • draw in colour pencil to work out layers
  • practice on wall my skillset to understand or experiment with spray paint
  • physically print out photographs and understand if there are any associations or images that can make up one painting that summarises the area. The surrounding area can influence words in the painting and the nature can influence the mood around the building
  • experiment with colour pencil to have more of an idea of the colours that will be used. Sometimes this may influence the layout of the painting with ideas.
  • work the painting to a certain stage that has a composition or feels like it is in the right direction structurally and the mood is at a certain point
  • use spray paint to emphasis the atmosphere

Most of the above was discussed in my tutorial with Jonathan. I thought it was best to expand on the process in my breakdown.

It really helped explaining my process to Jonathan because it really made me more aware of the steps i have taken.

Next steps:

  • stretch, paint and spray paint x3 additional canvas (80x85cm)
  • resolve x2 canvas; 1x 80x85cm and x1 A0 size
  • experiment with animation. Play around with images. Produce experiments to know if it is realistic for this to be in the end of year show
  • think about titles for the show during the process (suggested by Jonathan not to put untitled on artwork)
  • experiment in photo studio with negatives and develop at a larger scale

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